Are Electromagnetic Fields Keeping Your Patients/Clients Sick?

The Problem:

The severe lack of serious, credible, evidence-based education on how EMFs fit in the functional medicine healing puzzle

The Solution:

Just like mold, heavy metals, water quality and air quality, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are an environmental toxin you cannot ignore.

According to Dr. Klinghardt, one of the top pioneers in functional medicine, “the MOST overlooked factor in healing is to create a clean electromagnetic environment for patients/clients.”

Even though there’s no denying the topic is still controversial in medicine, an overwhelming amount of studies have now linked excessive EMF exposure with cancer, autoimmunity, infertility, neurological symptoms, chronic fatigue, and poor sleep.

And for the first time in History, health practitioners have access to focused, evidence-based education on how to add EMFs as an environmental factor in the functional medicine healing puzzle.

"There’s a group of Lyme patients that get well, and there’s a group of Lyme patients that don’t budge.

The ones that get well are the ones who follow my advice on reducing exposure to Electrosmog"

— Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, health pioneer and Medical Director at the Sophia Health Institute

Meet Your Host

Nicolas Pineault is an investigative health journalist, advocate for safe technologies and author of “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs”, which has been endorsed by Dr. Joseph Mercola and acclaimed by dozens of health practitioners worldwide — as you can see upon reading recent Amazon book reviews here.

Nick has been featured or will soon be featured on: The Mindshare Summit, The Energy Blueprint Podcast, The Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast, Ask Dr. Nandi, The JJ Virgin Lifestyle Show, Robyn Openshaw’s “Your High Vibration Life” Podcast, The Human Longevity Project, The Adrenal Reset Summit, The Dirty Genes Summit, The Diabetes Summit 2018 and several other online and offline media outlets.

To put together this cutting-edge course, Nick has connected the dots between the best evidence-based information currently available on EMFs and human health, including:

  • The clinical, real-world observations of health pioneers such as Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Ben Lynch, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Gaetan Chevalier and top Building Biologist Oram Miller
  • EMF guidelines from the European Academy For Environmental Medicine (EUROPAEM) and Building Biology
  • The pioneering work of Dr. Dominique Belpomme on electro hypersensitivity (EHS) and Dr. Martin Pall on the NO/ONOO- cycle and how EMFs trigger VGCC (calcium channels) activation
  • The work of countless other scientists and activists dedicating their life to researching the effects of electromagnetic pollution on human health

The Demand Was So Overwhelming We Had To Launch This Self-Study Version

In late February, we announced the launch of Electrosmog Rx, and opened 300 seats for an exclusive live beta version of the course. We never expected to be sold out in just a few days, and had to refuse access to hundreds of practitioners.

The initial plan was to get feedback from this initial cohort of live beta testers, go back to the drawing board and prepare the launch of the “full” version of the course which is planned for Q4 2018.

But the good news is that due to the overwhelming demand, we’ve decided to make the full replays of the live beta course available to you today.

"This is the most intellectually-stimulating course I've done in a long time! Nick’s expertise is exceptional, the research expansive (and quite mind-blowing!), the practical solutions excellent and the Facebook community invaluable! The knowledge I’ve gained is going to be a game-changer for every single one of my clients. I HIGHLY recommend this course!"

- Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert & Nutritionist, author of "The Antianxiety Food Solution"

"As odd as it may sound — since this isn’t a “hot” topic for most people — this may be one of the most important courses I have ever taken. By implementing just ONE of the things I’ve learned, I am now waking up with more energy than I’ve had in years. That inspires me to share this material with my clients and help them stay healthy in our electrosmog-filled world."

- Denver J. Hudson, Personal Trainer & Life Coach

"If you're a practitioner you owe it to your clients and patients to know this stuff. YES, it's that big of a deal. Join the cutting edge movement of health experts that are making a memorable difference in the lives of of future generations and even pets who are too suffering from “mysterious tumors”. It's only a mystery if you chose to remain ignorant to it."

- Diane Kazer, Certified FDN practitioner & Self Love, Hormones and Detox Coach

What’s Included In The Electrosmog Rx Self-Study Course:

1. 5X Pre-Recorded 60-Min Webinars Taught By Your Host Nicolas Pineault

+    Including the recordings of a 30 to 45-min Q&A session after each webinar

+    Audio, video, full written transcripts, and PDF slides

EMF Basics

  • The EMF spectrum
  • 4 types of EMFs linked with ill health
  • Common sources of EMFs your patients/clients are probably exposed to
  • Are there “safe” levels of EMFs?

EMF Science

  • How EMFs affect every cell in the body
  • The NO/ONOO- cycle
  • Synergies between EMFs, inflammation, environmental toxins and excessive NMDA activity
  • Review of the strongest evidence available

EMF Symptomatology

  • What to ask your patients/clients to assess their exposure
  • Common EMF-related symptoms
  • What to look for on labs
  • How to spot signs electro hypersensitivity (EHS)

EMF Mitigation

  • Evidence-based ways to reduce exposure in and out the home
  • Using EMF-blocking clothes
  • The lowdown on grounding

EMF Resilience

  • Diet interventions and supplements which support the NRF2 pathway
  • Supplements to alleviate electrosensitivity

2. Extra Q&As

PDFs packed with dozens of additional questions and answers for each webinar

3. Private Facebook Group

Mingle with other like-minded practitioners who share their clinical observations and insights

Plus The Following Bonuses:

Bonus #1: A Digital Copy of Nick’s
“Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs”

Bonus #2: PDF Cheat Sheets

Improve your patient/client compliance

  • EMF Basics: Safety guidelines, units of measurements, conversion tables
  • Recommended Products
  • Electrosmog Questionnaire: Assess your client/patient exposure and symptomology
  • How to safely use a phone and other devices
  • How to create a low-EMF home
  • How to protect children from EMFs

Bonus #3: Exclusive Bonus Interviews
+ Full written transcripts

Dr. Joseph Mercola

How he went from an EMF skeptic to an EMF activist, and his best EMF mitigation strategies

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

Proven EMF-mitigation strategies to help treat chronic illness

Dr. Ben Lynch

The link between EMFs and epigenetics

Oram Miller

How to help your patients/clients create a low-EMF environment at home

Dr. Gaetan Chevalier

The science behind grounding, and how it can increase your patients/clients EMF-resilience

Bonus #4: 100% Free Access To The Full Course

As a member of this exclusive Beta launch, you’ll automatically get 100% free access to the full ESRx course (launching in late 2018) which will include dozens of additional interviews, video tutorials on how to use EMF meters, and much, much more.

This full course will launch with a higher price point, which means that by taking action today you’ll save money off the full price — on top of adding EMFs to your practice sooner rather than later.

One-Time Payment Of:


6 Reasons Every Health Practitioner In The World Needs This Course

  1. According to Dr. Klinghardt, one of the top pioneers in functional medicine, “the MOST overlooked factor in healing is to create a clean electromagnetic environment for patients/clients”
  2. Electrosmog Rx is not a mere rehash of everything that’s out there, but contains clinical observations that are impossible to find by Googling around, are cutting-edge, and mostly unpublished
  3. Electrosmog Rx focuses on the clinical side of EMFs as an environmental factor contributing to ill health, and includes critical information on what to ask your patients/clients to assess if they're being over-exposed, how EMFs could disrupt the protocols you're giving them, and much more
  4. Electrosmog Rx saves you thousands of hours in research and gets down to the evidence-based essentials — what you can do to make your patients/clients recover faster and respond better to any healing modality
  5. Electrosmog affects every single aspect of your patients/clients’ health, whether they currently feel them or not
  6. Dr. Klinghardt has the clinical proof that some cases of MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, ASD, Fibromyalgia, autoimmunity, cancer and other chronic diseases will likely never get better unless patients/clients create a low-EMF environment at home

One-Time Payment Of:



If you realize this course isn’t for you or if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, simply write to within 60 days of purchase and we’ll give you your money back.

I can’t wait to share this critical and overlooked information with you..

Together, we can help millions of people improve their health by minimizing their exposure to man-made EMFs.

Your host,

Nicolas Pineault

Health Journalist, Advocate For Safe Technologies
& Author, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs

"Electrosmog Rx is the best and most comprehensive course for every practitioner who wants to know how to identify EMF exposure and how to be able to help their clients who can't seem to get well. Nick is a fantastic teacher, he has a great wealth of knowledge about the subject which makes studying about this complicated subject very enjoyable."

- Linda Wilbert-Stewart, Certified FDN Practitioner

"LOVE the course! This is such a new field and we need this information. I like that Nick has done so much research, studied so much science, and brings it all together in one place. I WANT to take action about EMFs and this makes it easier!"

- Tammy Helen Stewart, Certified Cellular Detoxification Specialist

"This course is the first of its kind to address health concerns of EMFs and electrosmog and provide tangible ways to assess and mitigate exposure. It’s a must for leading-edge, functional health practitioners who wish to serve their clients in a comprehensive manner. Big strides are being seen with autism and compromised autoimmune issues when these issues are brought into focus and integrated into a comprehensive care plan."

- Molly Meier, Certified FDN Practitioner & Certified Nutritional Consultant


Why a Beta version? Shouldn’t I wait until the full course is out?
The sooner you learn this information, the sooner you should see your patients/clients get better. This is exactly why we’ve decided to launch a live Beta version earlier this year, and why we’ve decided to give you access to the replays in this self-study course.

Remember: if you join in early and purchase your access today, you’ll only pay $247, while getting access to the full course (which will retail for a much higher price point) once it launches in late 2018.
Are those live webinars? At what time will the live webinars start?
The webinars you’ll get in this self-study course have been recorded during the live version of our beta launch back in March and April of 2018. You’re getting the full audio and video replays, as well as the full written transcripts and the PDF slides.
Will this course give me CME credits?
Although it’s our intention to do what’s necessary to have this course provide CME (continuing medical education) credits to health practitioners in the future, this is currently not the case.
I’m a DO/MD/ND/Acupuncturist/Nutritionist/Coach — is this course for me?
The short answer? Yes.

EMF exposure is an often overlooked environmental factor in illness which currently affects the health of your entire patient/client population — just like mold, air quality, water quality and heavy metals exposure does.

Whatever your medical background happens to be, this course is critical to getting better results in your practice, especially considering the fact that the Electrosmog everyone is exposed to is increasing exponentially with each passing year.

Also, remember that the information shared in Electrosmog Rx is currently not taught in any other holistic medicine school, program or certification.
Is this course only for health practitioners?
Electrosmog Rx has been specifically designed to help health practitioners add EMF-mitigation to their healing toolbox, so it might not be for you if you’re not a health professional.

If you’re a non-practitioner, we recommend that you review this page carefully to make sure this is a good fit for you. Always feel free to reach out to when in doubt.
Maybe, but maybe not. Electrosmog Rx is a course that has been designed to accommodate practitioners that are completely new to the topic, which is why we start by addressing the very basics. The course is also designed to be a practical overview of the topic, not a thorough review of advanced mitigation techniques used by EMF consultants and Building Biologists worldwide.

For these reasons, the course might not be appropriate for a health practitioner who already owns several EMF meters, knows how to recognize patients/clients who are sensitive to EMFs and feels competent in this field. If you're still unclear on whether this course will provide sufficient value to you, you can always opt to purchase your access, review the full materials, and if it's not a good fit contact for a full refund (we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee).