EMF Quickstart - Step-By-Step EMF Protection Course

Based on your requests, we’ve bundled the essential resources from our professional-level EMF course to create this actionable EMF-protection course.

We’ve bundled the essential resources from our professional-level EMF course to create this actionable EMF-protection course.

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EMF Quickstart Includes Everything You Need to Reduce Your EMF Exposure, Today

Hey, Nick “The EMF Guy Pineault” here.

Hundreds of people from all around the world couldn’t get in the door in time for our professional-level EMF course, and begged us to create an option that’s for health enthusiasts, biohackers, concerned parents, and EMF-sensitive individuals. This is why we’ve created “EMF Quickstart”.

In this package, I’ve included 12 critical components which will help you start reducing your EMF exposure right away and protect your family from these health risks:

Component #1: “EMF Basics” Educational Module ($100 value)

Consider this your “EMF 101” crash course. This is the first and most important module of our professional-level course which will teach you everything you need to know about EMFs. Basics first!


Component #2: EMF Basics Cheat Sheet ($20 value)

This easy reference sheet will help you navigate the topic of EMFs with confidence, and learn which EMF meters you can use at home to find & eliminate radiation “hotspots” and protect your family.

Component #3: EMF Science Cheat Sheet ($20 value)

In a few pages, learn exactly what science says on how EMFs affect your body. This cheat sheet is a great tool to have handy if you want to educate your skeptical spouse, kids, friends or even decision makers in your community.


Component #4: EMF Mitigation Cheat Sheet ($20 value)

With so many sources of EMF radiation around your home, where the heck should you get started? This quick guide is the answer, and will tell you which EMF sources should be eliminated first.

Component #5: The EMF Questionnaire & Interpretation ($100 value)

Are you or someone in your family affected by EMF-related symptoms? Which EMF sources are most problematic for you? This EMF questionnaire will help you find answers that your doctor would inevitably miss. Comes with an easy interpretation guide.


Component #6: Key EMF Protection Tips — with Oram Miller ($30 value)

In this interview, top Building Biologist Oram Miller reveals his best EMF reduction tips and teaches you how you can create a low EMF environment at home.

Component #7: How Earthing Can Help Mitigate EMFs — with Dr. Gaétan Chevalier ($30 value)

Can simply being barefoot on grass or swimming in the sea reduce blood pressure, quench inflammation and reduce EMF-related symptoms? You bet, and as you’ll learn from Dr. Chevalier, the simple and free practice called “earthing” can do much more than that.


Component #8: EMFs & Your Immune System — with Professor Olle Johansson ($30 value)

Do you get sick often, or are you fighting a chronic illness that just won’t go away? As you’ll learn from top Swedish researcher Olle Johansson, EMFs might be one of the factors suppressing your immune system and slowing down your recovery.

Component #9: The Dangers of Screentime — with Dr. Victoria Dunckley ($30 value)

Did you know that just cutting down on screen time can help children recover from ADHD, ADD and other behavioral issues? In this interview, Dr. Dunckley reveals exactly how much screen time is “safe” for children, and how to help your children or grandchildren get rid of their screen time addiction.


Component #10: How EMFs Make Your Genes Dirty — with Dr. Ben Lynch ($30 value)

Did you know that genes are not set in stone at birth? They can be switched “on” or “off” by certain environmental toxins such as EMF radiation. Dr. Lynch explains his surprising research in this eye-opening interview.

Component #11: EMFs, Your Gut & Electro-Sensitivity — Dr. Zach Bush ($30 value)

Did you know that bacteria in your gut communicate using low-level EMF signals? As Dr. Bush explains in this interview, it’s no wonder that EMFs from wifi, cell phones and Bluetooth gadgets can disrupt your gut health!


Component #12: The EMF Quickstart Step-By-Step Guide ($20 value)

I’ve added this easy guide to help you navigate the EMF Quickstart course with ease. No guesswork, no time wasting… with this guide, you’ll know exactly how to get started reducing EMF exposure in your household in no time.

  • Full “EMF Basics” video module
  • 3X easy EMF cheat sheets
  • The EMF Questionnaire & interpretation guide
  • 6X interviews with health & EMF experts
  • The EMF Quickstart Step-By-Step Guide
  • Total value: $460

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"Finally, I have someone to trust and rely on when it comes to all things EMF. Thank you, Nick, for your tireless pursuit of the truth and practical ways to protect ourselves."

Dr. Ben Lynch
Author of four time bestselling book, Dirty Genes


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Giving Back

By investing in this course, you're helping make a difference. We give part of our profits generated by course sales to nonprofit organizations fighting for stricter EMF policies, the rights of EMF-related illness sufferers and to help finance independent studies.